School Field Trips

Due to the COVID-19 virus, all guided tours and animal encounters have been temporarily postponed. We do however encourage self guided tours using Zoo resources. For virtual options, click HERE.

Let your students experience all that ZooMontana has to offer during a class visit with a discounted admission!


Whether you come for a self-guided class tour, follow our Scavenger Hunt, or add on an EdZOOcate Animal Program, the Zoo is a fun and educational place to visit with your class!


When: Anytime during the school year

Time: During regular Zoo hours

Cost: Discounted School Group Rate is $4.00 per person, including teachers and chaperones.

How: Call 406-652-8100 or email to register. Advance registration is required for reduced school group rate. (Last minute groups will not have access to add-on opportunities such as EdZOOcate programs.)

Please note – ZooMemberships are NOT valid for students, chaperones or teachers.


EdZoocate Program

An EdZoocate program is curated to your group’s grade level and includes Pre- and Post-Lesson Plans for before and after your trip, as well as a Guided Walk and Lesson, Activity, and Animal Encounter on the day of your visit.

  • Anytime during the school year
  • 1.5 hour duration, starting at 9:30, 12:00, or 2:00
  • Group size: 1-30 students + chaperones
  • Cost: $100 per program (plus group admission of $4.00/person)
  • *If you require three or more EdZoocate programs, we’ll discount each program to $75!
  • For more information, email

Ambassador Animal Encounter

Have a small class? Meet one of our Ambassador Animals up close and personal.

  • Anytime during the school year
  • 15-20 minute duration
  • For small classes only: 1-15 students + chaperones
  • Cost: $50 (plus group admission of $4.00/person), with add-ons potentially available for an extra cost and depending on staff availability
  • For more information, email

Reminder: Even if you are not adding an EdZoocate program to your field trip, advance registration is required.  This helps us make sure that there is enough space for all attendees to the program, and helps you by locking in your school group rate for admission.


With a free bar code scanner app, and any network connected smartphone or tablet, scan the embedded QR CODES on most of our animal information signs to access additional facts and background info on our specific zoo animal residents.

(A number of free barcode scanner apps are available in the App Store for Apple, or Google Play for Android devices.)

Don’t see a program that fits your needs?

Email us at or give us a call at 406-652-8100 Ext. 219 and we’ll work with you to create an amazing wildlife connection to fit your needs. Outreach programs can be adapted to serve your special needs community, too. Contact us for details!

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