Distance Learning

Just because you’re far from the zoo, doesn’t mean that we can’t come to you! Connect with us via video chat for an electronic outreach experience!

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No special connection equipment is required. As long as you have a computer with a webcam and a projection system, we can connect directly to your classroom. Live Animal Ambassadors are accompanied by pictures, video, sounds, and video for a true multimedia experience to learn about wild things in wild places!

Free Virtual Program:

Join ZooMontana's educators, human and animal alike, for a free, 30-minute program to learn about animal adaptations and their importance! Email us at education@zoomontana.org to schedule your 30-minute program!

  • No associated cost.
  • Can use any video conferencing platform. 

Custom virtual programs!

Looking to satisfy a certain standard or explore a specific topic a little more? Email us at education@zoomontana.org to schedule a custom-topic 60 minute program!

  • Just $100/program.
  • Can use any video conferencing platform.
  • Follow-up activity or worksheet by request.

Hello Teachers and Parents! 

ZooMontana is happy to provide teachers and parents with materials that may compliment one of your Zoo experiences, or simply provide interesting activities. Click on an item below to access a lesson, activity or interesting website. Be sure to check back regularly as this list will be updated frequently! 

Be sure to click HERE for a list of our virtual programming options.

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