White's Tree frog

Litoria caerulea

The White's Tree Frog is native to Australia and southern New Guinea. They range in color from light blue to emerald green.  All have white bellies.  Like many other tree frogs, White's Tree Frogs can change color to some degree.

Like other tree frogs, they have large toe pads.  They have a thick ridge above their eyes, something that is unique to this species.  Unlike other tree frogs, the White's has horizontal pupils within their eye. 

White's Tree Frogs are quite adaptable, having the ability to adapt their skin to whichever environment they are in (dry vs. wet).  During extended dry periods, these frogs produce a milky substance called "caerviein." They cover their bodies with the substance, creating a cocoon that prevents them from losing too much moisture. Due to their adaptability, they can often be found within homes.  If threatened, they will emit a high pitch distress call.  

White's Tree Frogs are insect eaters.  They are long lived amphibians, with an average lifespan of 16 years.  At the Zoo, there is a possibility of seeing them live as long as 20 years.  

Our Current Resident

Leia, Female - Hatched 2021

Leia was adopted by ZooMontana to be a companion for her roommate Yoda. She can be identified by her numerous white spots on the side of her body, and by her active nature.  

Yoda, Male- Hatched 2018 (estimate)

Yoda came to ZooMontana as a pet surrender in 2020.  He likes to change his color frequently, so you're never sure which Yoda you will see each day.  One day he's light, the next day he's dark.  


  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Amphibia
  • Order: Anura
  • Family: Hylidae
  • Genus: Ranoidea
  • Species: Litoria caerulea

Animal Facts

  • Insectivore: Eats moths, roaches and locusts
  • Population: Stable
  • Habitat: Prefer moist, forested environments
  • Nocturnal: Active during the night

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