Why Are We the Way We Are?

Below are a few things to note that make our Zoo just a little different. We are questioned quite a bit about our philosophies; here are our answers:


What to Expect:

We take pride in our size! We’re small and we like it that way. Our mantra is “Quality Over Quantity”, meaning we focus on large, ideal habitats rather than how many animals we have. If you are looking for a big city zoo, you won’t find it here. Take a deep breath, enjoy the natural beauty and be in the moment.


Why no Giraffes?

ZooMontana only features animals from the 45th parallel (Montana), north, from around the world. This allows the animals to be outdoors the majority of their life.


Why are the Animals Here?

A good majority of the animals that call ZooMontana home are rescues. These include animals that have been permanently injured to animals kept illegally as pets. ZooMontana takes pride in giving animals a second chance. Those that are not rescues are a part of crucial breeding programs designed for species survival and genetic purity.


How are you Funded?

By you! ZooMontana is one of the few city zoos that is not funded through public support such as taxes or levies. Our funding comes from our many special events, admissions, donations and gift shop sales. This funding mechanism is successful, however, it does lend to a slower growth in comparison to our colleagues.


Is That Trash in the Habitats?

No! If you see pizza boxes, paper or other strange items in the habitats, they are enrichment items. Enrichment is a fancy word for toys, and they provide a mental stimulus for the animal, the same way they do for us. These stimuli can be in the form of play, smell and touch.


Why are things overgrown?

We allow the grass in and around the animal habitats to grow long on purpose. We like giving our animals a natural feel in their homes, as well as the security of places to hide if they desire. Long grass is a great way to do this, although it may not be popular with the golfers out there!


Why does the water look dirty in a few of the exhibits?

We love being natural here! All of the water features throughout ZooMontana are natural, meaning we use no chemicals. We feel this is more in tune to the animal’s natural environment and will ultimately be better for the health of our animals.