A Sloth Journals His Journey to ZooMontana

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Thanks for all of the name suggestions! My friends at @stockmanbank narrowed it down to five and now you can vote for your favorite. Just click on the link in my bio to help us pick the best name for me. In the meantime, Director Jeff told me that my formal scientific name is “Choloepus Hoffmanni.” But you can just call me Choloepus until we tally your votes. (VOTING NOW CLOSED)

It's official! After more than 1,000 different name suggestions and 8,000 votes on the final five choices, you can now call me ... WINSTON! Thank you to my friends at @StockmanBank, and to all of you who shared name ideas and voted. I love my new name! I even mustered the energy to show you my excited face. Just curious ... is this how humans get names, too?