Prehensile Tailed Skink

Corucia zebrata

The Prehensile Tailed Skink, also known as the Solomon Islands Skink or Monkey-tailed Skink, is the largest living skink species. It is an herbivore that lives in social groups and is found in the Solomon Islands archipelago.

This skink can grow up to 32 inches long, with its tail making up more than half its length. It has a prehensile tail that it uses for climbing. Solomon Island skinks are mostly active at dusk and dawn, and they rely on their eyesight and sense of smell to find food and avoid threats.  They give birth to 1-2 live young, each of which can be a third of their mom's size.  

There are two subspecies of Solomon Island skinks: the common one and the northern one. The northern subspecies is smaller and has darker eyes than the common subspecies.

These skinks are threatened by habitat loss due to logging and by being hunted for food or captured for the pet trade. The international trade of this species is now regulated to help protect wild populations.

Our Current Residents

Gizmo, Male - Born 2020

Gizmo came to ZooMontana from another zoological park.


  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Reptilia
  • Order: Squamata
  • Family: Scincidae
  • Genus: Corucia
  • Species: Corucia zebrata

Animal Facts

  • Herbivore: Eats leaves, flowers, fruits, and shoots from a variety of plants.
  • Population:  Near threatened 
  • Habitat: Tropical Rainforests
  • Nocturnal:  Active at Nights