Nest Box Project 

Throughout the country, their lives an incredible little bird of prey called a Screech Owl. This little owl, often weighing no more than 6 ounces, is a great benefit to all who are graced with its presence. The great thing is, these little guys love to eat mice, birds and thankfully, bugs!

Here in the U.S, Screech Owls come in two forms, the Western and the Eastern Screech Owl. These two species are quite similar and are differentiated only by habitat. All U.S Screech Owls come in three color forms, which can be brown, scarlet or grey. The cool thing is you can see all color forms in one family!! Remember, although this bird looks like a baby Great Horned Owl, it’s not - it’s fully grown!!

One great way to lure Screech Owls into your backyard is to build them a nest box. Screech Owls love to nest inside of cavities and being that there are not many dead trees left in neighborhoods, a nest box is a great way to give them an artificial home. Once they move in, you’ll love watching their antics, hearing their horse like calls and best of all, eating all those pests you don’t want around!!

Be sure to put the box in a tree 12-15 feet up. If possible, place the box away from the house to help encourage nesting. No materials will be needed inside the box, as the owls will bring their own. When decorating the box, be sure to leave the inside bare to keep the owls safe!! Good luck and enjoy these beautiful birds!