Bri Little Vallejo

Relief Keeper


Ever since I was a little girl I have always had a love for animals. I always dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian until I attended the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College in California in 2014. During my time in the program I had the opportunity to work with, care for, train, and educate the public about a wide variety of domestic and exotic animals. It was when I had successfully trained our 19 year old, geriatric lioness a voluntary blood draw that I knew I wanted to become a zookeeper. After graduation I worked as a ranch hand for a studio company, I was an assistant animal handler and trainer for a tv show, and I worked as a lead keeper for an exotic animal rehabilitation facility. In 2018, I helped my former America’s Teaching Zoo classmate move to Montana to begin her career as a keeper at ZooMontana. During my visit I fell in love with this remarkable little zoo and the unending possibilities to assist in its growth. This Santa Monica, California beach girl was ready and excited to move to the beautiful Big Sky Country of Montana. In 2018, I accepted a position in ZooMontana’s very own Wild Side Gift Shop. You can now find me all around the zoo caring for many of our zoo’s amazing animals.  

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