Chinese Goose

The Chinese Goose is a domesticated breed descended from the Swan Goose. Both male and female have a pronounced knob on its forehead, although it's usually larger on males. The purpose of this know is unknown. This knob is susceptible to frostbite in cold climates. They are often called ‘weeder geese’ due to their ability to be trained to consume invasive weeds. When one is sick or dying, others will create a circle around it to protect it from predators. The Chinese Goose is an excellent egg layer, with some laying over 80 eggs per year.

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Our Current Residents

All three geese came from a population that were illegally released into Riverfront Park in Billings They were removed from the park and donated to ZooMontana in June 2005 from a local waterfowl rehab center.

Silver, Female - Hatched 2010 (estimate)

Green, Female - Hatched 2008 (estimate)

White, Male - Hatched 2007 (estimate)

Animal Facts

  • Herbivore: eats mostly grasses, roots, seeds, and water plants
  • Population: stable
  • Diurnal: active during the day

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