There are several ways you can support ZooMontana this holiday season.   Whether shopping online or looking to shop local, you can be there for the zoo and find great gifts.


Amazon-Smile-Web-660x400-altWith AmazonSmile, you can shop for anything on Amazon and automatically have a portion donated to the zoo.  There’s no additional cost to you.  It’s a great way to give back and finish your holiday shopping at the same time.  Remember AmazonSmile for Black Friday and Cyber Monday online shopping!



ZooMontana Grizzly Gifts and Otter Stuff: Gift Shop

PSX_20151121_133038Find fun nature gifts at ZooMontana’s gift store!  Whether looking for that cuddly red panda plush or a warm ZooMontana sweatshirt, you will find the perfect gift.  Also, the store will be open during some of the ZooLights nights.  Check the ZooLights page for more information!



Adoptions and Memberships

PSX_20151121_132920Do  you know a family that are bursting to the seams with toys but you are still looking for the perfect present?   A zoo membership can be the perfect solution!  A whole year of family fun with the new playground, our great animals and exciting events is a great gift that takes up no additional playroom space.

Another way to give is an animal adoption.   It’s a great gift for kids, someone in the office or even a secret santa!


ZooMontana’s Wish List

Bighorn-Ball-660x400If you have your shopping all sorted out and are looking for a way

to give the zoo a present, check out our Wish List.  From towels to boomer balls, you can make a keeper or animal happy this holiday season!