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Entire Zoo

ZooMontana in its entirety is available for rent.  It provides a unique space for large annual parties and corporate functions and includes unlimited admission.  (Certain restrictions such as previously planned events and hours of use apply.)

EEC ZooPavilion

The Plaza Area, including the EEC ZooPavilion, is where the majority of receptions are held. It holds the largest number of people of all areas on the zoo grounds. Tents are available for an extra fee, and power is available to this area.

Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden is our most popular area for weddings.  Surrounded by gardens of flowers, plants, trees, and a stone waterfall, this area creates a secluded, peaceful atmosphere.  Power is also available in this area.


The Amphitheater provides an area with a stage and stadium bench seating, perfect for live performances and presentations.

Planet 106.7 Pavilion

The Planet 106.7 Pavilion is a great space to hold reunions and other small events.  This area is equipped with picnic tables which are covered to accommodate weather changes.