Your camper can have a “ZooVenture!” in one of our week long, half day, summer camps! Special tours, games and activities, behind the scenes opportunities, and MORE!


Enjoy the great outdoors in the Zoo’s natural park-like setting and get up close with some of our animal ambassadors in special Camp Animal Encounters! Learn how animals are equipped for survival in the wild and see what we do every day to make sure they feel right at home at the Zoo! A new educational experience every summer!

  • Monday (Introduction): The first day of camp is devoted to getting to know each other, make new friends, learn camp rules, and touring the zoo!
  • Tuesday (Animal Senses): Animals have the same senses as we do. We will learn how animals use these senses to hunt, hide, communicate, and defend themselves!
  • Wednesday (Cats): All cats have one thing in common, they are hunters! We will discover what makes them successful predators, which one’s purr, and practice jumping like a tiger!
  • Thursday (Track & Scat): Have you ever seen a track and wondered what animal left it? Today we will learn how to read tracks and other signs animals leave behind!
  • Friday (Bears): Make sure to bring your tennis shoes because we are going into the bear exhibit and hiding their breakfast! We will discover what bears eat, why they hibernate, and what enrichment is!


2017 Camp Sessions:

What: Week long, Half Day Camp

Where: ZooMontana

Cost: $120.00 per one week session. (Registration fees include ZooVenture! Camp T-shirt and water bottle.)

How: Click on the desired camp week below to complete your online registration and submit payment.


Ages 4-5 (Maximum of 15 participants in each session)


Ages 6-8 (Maximum of 20 participants in each session)


Ages 9-11 (Maximum of 20 participants in each session)