School may be OUT, but animal fun is definitely IN!

ZooMontana offers half-day programs during select school vacations that get kids involved in hands-on animal and nature exploration.


Half-day camp sessions
Ages 5-10
During select school vacations
8:00am – 1:00pm
$35.00 per half-day session
Click on the desired camp (or camps) from the list below to complete your online registration. (Advance registration required)



Upcoming School’s Out Camp sessions:


A naturalist is someone that studies Natural History. Don’t let a little history scare you! You will learn to seek out tracks, keep a journal, and look at nature in a new light!


Do animals REALLY use tools? Yes! Join us to discover what these tools are and how they help the animal survive in its habitat!


The dark can sometimes be a bit creepy, but it is also full of life! Join us in learning “whooo” calls the night their home!