Let the zoo come to your company’s event!


ZooMontana EdZoocate handlers will bring animal ambassadors to your company picnic, party, or other event
Corporate groups
At your location
Year Round
One hour presentation
$170 per one hour time block (limited to two hours).  Outside of Billings, MT: Mileage fee of $.55 per mile
Email education@zoomontana.org to register


Informal “Walk-about”

Handlers will walk around and mingle with the crowd as people come and go.  This program is appropriate for events that have other events going on simultaneously, such as a company picnic.  The length of this program is limited to one hour.  For this program we need a roped off area or adjacent room where the animals can be safely and securely kept during the Walk-about.


Formal Presentation

Recommended for when we have the attention of the entire group.  This is more of an assembly style program. The animals are presented one at a time while a handler speaks about the animal’s habitat, its status in the wild, conservation issues, etc.  The length of this program is anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes but, we stay for one hour to allow time for questions.  For this program we will need a presentation space equipped with a microphone if the crowd size necessitates it.