Our EdZOOcation team is excited to be wrapping up the second year of a new joint program with Indian Education within School District 2.  “Animals in Native American Culture” utilizes touch screen technology to create a fun and engaging program that shares stories, pictures, maps, sounds, and videos which help to teach of the importance of animals to several Native American tribes through the past and present.

Through stories such as “Why the wolf howls at the moon” and “How the turtle got the pattern on its back”, 5th grade students at each elementary school in District 2 have the opportunity to connect with live animal ambassadors and discover how they fit into tradition.

The programs are offered at no cost to the elementary schools, as they are fully funded through Indian Education for All funds through the district.  The goal is to take this fun program into the schools every year to teach standards of Native American culture as well as science academic standards in a way that truly brings the lessons to life.  We’re excited to be a part of this fantastic partnership and hope to continue it for many years to come!