Every child is an artist!  Every critter is amazing!  when you put those together, you get Amazing Art!

Join the fun, make some Amazing Art, as some of ZooMontana’s animal ambassadors do their finest modeling for the sake of Art. On each day of our week long, half day art camp, we will focus on a new Elements and Principles of Art, to create a solid learning base students will draw from daily.  We will explore a new media every day and learn how to successfully draw our ZooMontana friends.  Students will receive a water bottle and a backpack/art pack to keep. Our “Art Pack” will have a logo designed from a collage of students work, a very special keepsake.  At the end of each camp, we will have a small Art Show in the building and a People’s Choice ribbon will be awarded to the student with the most votes.


  • Monday (Shape -Pencil): Welcome to the Wild side of Art! For safety sake, we will touch on camp rules and goals and expectations of students.  Then we jump right in with a quick review of shapes and where to find them, and the adventure begins.  Off we go, to trace our way around the Zoo, drawing as we go!  We have a deadline!! We go to print tomorrow and everyone needs a picture.
  • Tuesday (Printing & Painting): Wear old clothes, we are going to print and paint!!   First, we print the collage of the student’s work, on our “Art Pack”.  Students will learn a basic one color printing process and how to mix watercolor.  ZooMontana has some rather unusual resident artists, just wait and see.
  • Wednesday (TLC- Tigers, Lynx & Cartoons – Ink Pen): We will learn what these beautiful felines have in common from the largest to the smallest, by taking a deep-down look, to understand how to draw a cat.  We will try different styles of ink pen drawing including pointillism to “fur babies” cartooning.
  • Thursday (Texture & Proportion- Color Pencil): Texture is everywhere, soft, hard, rough and smooth we will find them all!   Capturing the details with our pencils, sizing up the animals and plants on a tactile adventure. This lesson helps students understand detail and how to achieve depth though layering and proportion.
  • Friday (Class Choice – Mixed Media): Students choose the best of the beastie and the finest of the flora for our final piece.   We will sketch a rough draft pencil image on sight and return to classroom where students will choose a media to complete their final piece. Work will be matted/mounted for a show.


2017 Animal Art Camp Sessions:

What: Week long, Half Day Art Camp led by an art teacher in the school system

Where: ZooMontana

Cost: $130.00 per one week session. Registration fees include art supplies, ZooMT water bottle, and daily snack. (Please provide own snack if camper has food allergies.)

How: Click on the desired camp week below to complete your online registration and submit payment.


Ages 4-5 (Maximum of 15 participants in each session)

Ages 6-8 (Maximum of 20 participants in each session)

Ages 9-11 (Maximum of 20 participants in each session)